Delivery Information

Orders placed on our website will be delivered and packed in a way that are protected during usual transport and treatment . 
Online transaction is approved when Customer receives a confirmation mail. After  receiving payment,

Orders placed through our website will be packaged in a way that will ensure their protection during usual transport and treatment conditions. The online transaction is approved when Customer receives a confirmation mail. After  receiving payment, Tilda shop online is obliged to send the package within 48 hours. The period of 48 hours refers only to working days (We do not deliver on Sundays or holidays.)
When the courier eceives the package from the seller, the seller is not responsible for the further course of the delivery, possible delays or problems that may occur during regular handling and delivery.
The recipient, when receiving an international shipment, has to pay any additional fees, relating to its country. All products are checked before being dispatched. The recipient is obliged to check the package after receiving it. Should there be any irregularity, immediately notify the deliverer. The seller bears no responsibility for any damage that occurs during transport.
If the customer does not receive the package within the expected timeframe, the customer has the right to notify the seller to undertake the necessary steps so as to ensure a replacement shipment.
If the customer refuses to accept the package, the seller requires that the customer covers all delivery costs. 
Within Croatia, delivery will be processed exclusively through Hrvatska Pošta (Croatian Post Office) and will be priced accordingly – delivery times will between 2 and 6 days. Delivery price about: 20,00 kn. 


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